Activities for groups

Activities for groups over 10 persons

Mostly our activites are for groups and we do not offer safaris for individual travellers on season 2023-2024. We have activities for groups over 10 persons on request. Please do contact by e-mail to our group sales office or

Winter Activities

The Finnish wilderness experience - a chance to catch the Auroras

Welcome to a guided trip into the Finnish wilderness! We'll kick off our adventure by equipping the group with headlamps before venturing into the forest. Throughout this journey, we'll immerse ourselves in the pristine Finnish nature as we trace ancient trails illuminated by our headlamps. And if we're fortunate, we might be treated to the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern Lights dancing in the star-studded sky.

Additionally, we'll savor the flavors of a traditional Finnish sausage and enjoy some warm beverages around an open fire.

Arctic adventure on the frozen sea 

This frozen sea adventure is a thrilling escapade on the icy waters! Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Arctic sea at Nallikari. Your group will embark on an exhilarating journey across the frozen expanse of the Bothnian Bay, propelled by a sledge towed by an ATV.

Once we reach the frozen sea, we'll test our skills at ice fishing, using specialized equipment to try and hook some fish from beneath the ice's frigid embrace.

Snow Sculpting: Unleash Your Creative Powers!

Unleash your inner snow artist! Dive into the world of snow sculpting with our guided activity. This experience will awaken your creativity as you discover the art of transforming snow into a unique building material.

Participants will receive essential guidance on techniques and equipment, along with an introduction to the fascinating properties of snow as a creative medium. All you need to bring is your boundless imagination! Snow offers a captivating canvas for building, carving, and shaping. It's not only a medium of art but also a source of delightful challenge and endless enjoyment.

We approach this activity with a lighthearted spirit, as art knows no boundaries or definitions. Each creation that emerges from the heart is a masterpiece in its own right. So, let's sculpt, carve, and let the fun flow freely as we embrace the wonderful world of snow art.

Finnish Winter Olympics

Welcome to the Winter Olympics for some arctic fun! Who will score a hat-trick in the Slapshot Challenge? Whose snow tube will drift with the most finesse? Who will be the one to lead the way in a traditional Finnish kick-sledge competition?

Our competition features five thrilling events that demand precision, teamwork, and a spirited attitude. This contest is suitable for all fitness levels and doesn't require any specialized skills. This laid-back and playful competition will bring smiles to your faces and leave your cheeks rosy.

Winter Village

Welcome to Winter Village in Nallikari! Winter Village is full of action for families and children from February to April. Besides all the action, Winter Village is excellent place to get familiar with building with snow and ice. Just walk on the ice fo Bothnic Sea is something that foreign visitor will remember for ever! Nallikari Winter Village has been venue for many events, such as Nallikari Snow Fest, Outstanding -event, Childrens skiing competition etc.

Free entrance to Nallikari Winter Village. Following activities are free of charge: labyrinth, tube carousel, and hoijakka-sledge. Other actitivites are available with the Winter Village bracelet.

Winter Village's cafe serves hot drinks, sausages, waffles and donuts and other salty snacks.

Winter village offers also winter activity programmes for groups. Outside the opening hours, Winter Village is available for groups on request. You can also have adventure on the frozen sea, icefishing, snow shoe trip - all snowy adventures are guided tours and all the equipments are included

Winter overalls rental

No need to freeze in arctic breeze with your group. Just rent winter overalls, winter boots, warm hat and gloves. Delivery to your accommodation in Oulu area can be arranged.

Ice Fishing Competition: Test Your Skills on the Frozen Sea

Have you ever wondered what ice fishing is all about? Well, wonder no more! You can now experience the excitement of ice fishing just a stone's throw from the city center of Oulu, right on the frozen sea in Nallikari. Get ready for an exciting ice fishing competition that combines the thrill of the catch with friendly rivalry. Join our expert-led event and showcase your angling prowess in a competitive setting.

Bothnian Sea Battle

The Bothnian Sea Battle is action-packed on the icy sea! During this winter action day, you'll have the chance to enjoy a variety of snow activities, including skill courses on kicksleds, snowshoes, slapshot, three-legged skiing and of course human curling

Human Curling

Welcome to play a slightly different version of curling! In this curling game, instead of using stones, teams will use large snow tubes with a team member gliding on it, while the others sweep the path towards the center of the ring.

Each game starts with warm-ups and going through the technique. The best teams compete in the finals, and of course, the winners are rewarded!

Laughter is guaranteed in this game – 'human curling' is the winter favorite!